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With the city of Sacramento falling into chaos, Dessa must use her street smarts to survive. Her only weapon against the zombies is a pillowcase of tuna cans. Her only allies are the other group home teens she doesn’t dare trust.

And there’s only one plan left in the whole world that matters.

Find and save her brother before it’s too late.

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“My watch beeped an alarm at me while I was sitting down. It said I suddenly had an abnormally high heart rate. All I did was read this series….”
Paul Austin Ardoin, USA TODAY Bestselling Author


“A virulent virus has infected the population, and a group of teenagers are on the run for their lives. One bite means death. Armed with a whole lot of courage, love for her brother, and a pillowcase of tuna cans, Dessa sets off on a journey of danger and action that will keep you turning the pages.”

Sahar’s Honest Reviews


“I’m not a big fan of Zombies as they really scare me. But about once a year I will get brave and try one out. This is a good one! Action and adventure abound! Looking forward to the rest of the book series!”

DJDivine Book Reviewer


“Wow this series is going from strength to strength that’s for sure. Dessa and her friends are really going through the wringer… Highly recommended.”
Steve, Goodreads Review


“There are surprises (even if you might think you see things coming), clever plot constructs and character driven issues. The book does not wrap everything up with a ‘neat little bow on the top’ … Just like people are shades of grey, life doesn’t work that way and neither does this book.”

Peter, Goodreads Review


“So, the last book in the series and it’s just as good if not better than all the others. This has been a cracking series from start to finish. I don’t usually like zombie books with all we’ve been through but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this one. What are we going to see next I wonder. Highly recommended.”

Goodreads Reviewer

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I love writing apocalyptic science fiction. I want every page to grab you by the throat and by the heart. Intense, thrilling adventure. Real science. Impulsive decisions. Life or death. Oh, and some teen romance too.


I hope you enjoy my bestselling YA zombie series with a twist as much as I enjoyed writing it.


But I don’t really need to hope.


I KNOW you’ll enjoy it.


(How do I know? Well, I’ve heard from plenty of fans about it. I also taught 7th grade science for over ten years. I know how to tell a story that keeps the attention of 12-year-olds who don’t want to listen me. I’ve seriously honed my expertise over the years at weaving in real science with suspense, tension, and high stakes. My students LOVED my class. Whether you’re 12 or 52 years old, you will LOVE this series).


In fact, you might enjoy these books so much you’ll want to send me an email somewhere about halfway through calling me a monster… like some of my fans have already done… because of certain life-or-death events that happen in the series that made it impossible for them to put down the books.


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